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In-formatio goes on hiatus

I have used In-Formatio on and off for a few years.  Now that I have a number of other projects in process, this blog is going on hiatus. Feel free to keep reading the posts, but some of my newer work is at:

The 26 Martyrs

Last year, this commemoration fell on February 6th on the Roman Catholic Calendar and it is today on the Anglican calendar.  It is still the same 26 martyrs. A repost: I happened across a mention that today on the Roman Catholic calendar that today is the remembrance for the 26 Martyrs of Japan. I spent …

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Paul’s Conversion

Today is the remembrance of Paul’s Conversion. Can you remember when your life was transformed? Not all of us have the conversion story of Paul.  Most were not struck down blind, and most did not turn from despicable lives to the narrow way.  Many of us have white-bread stories that we are almost embarrassed about …

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The Season after the Epiphany

We are now in the season after the Epiphany on the liturgical calendar.  It began following January 6th and will continue until  Ash Wednesday (February 13).  It is a short season, since Easter comes earlier this year, but the season never fails to bring up interesting topics in the lectionary and never fails to focus …

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Watch Night

There are plenty of resources for Watch Night in the Methodist tradition.  Over the years as a pastor, I have used the Covenant Service on several occasions, on New Year’s Eve, the first Sunday of the New Year, on other special occasions.  My favorite services were those on New Year’s.  It is that countercultural element …

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St. John the Evangelist

Today is a day of remembrance for John the Evangelist on the Anglican and Roman Catholic calendars. It is one of three red letter days in the week after Christmas–December 27 (Stephen), 28 (John), 29 (Holy Innocents). The remembrance of martyrs immediately following the Nativity remind us that this baby Jesus we celebrate was born …

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