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Levavi oculus

The Latin title for this familiar Psalm literally translates-“lift up the eye” It is not difficult to do when you live in the midst of them.  My home is in a valley surrounded by tree covered mountains. It is a comfort to run across these words on a regular basis.  They are one of the …

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Old Skins, New Wine

The Gospel for Morning Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer today was- Mark 2:13-22. It has a couple of parts to it: 1) The calling of a disciple-Levi, son of Alphaeus-complete with a “Follow Me!” 2) Questions from the Pharisees about fasting…with the obvious question, “Why is this Jesus not like John?” Then the …

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Starting Fresh

Sometimes it is necessary to start fresh.  There were close to 300 posts on the old version of this website that are gone now.  They have been saved in a file for perpetuity, and like the liturgical year and the seasons, some of those posts will probably return here. Why the fresh start?  It just …

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