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In-formatio goes on hiatus

I have used In-Formatio on and off for a few years.  Now that I have a number of other projects in process, this blog is going on hiatus. Feel free to keep reading the posts, but some of my newer work is at:

Watch Night

There are plenty of resources for Watch Night in the Methodist tradition.  Over the years as a pastor, I have used the Covenant Service on several occasions, on New Year’s Eve, the first Sunday of the New Year, on other special occasions.  My favorite services were those on New Year’s.  It is that countercultural element …

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Edmund of East Anglia

From Mission of St. Clare by James Kiefer: Edmund was born about 840, became King of East Anglia in about 855, and in 870 faced a horde of marauding Danes, who moved through the countryside, burning churches and slaughtering villages wholesale. On reaching East Anglia, their leaders confronted Edmund and offered him peace on condition that he …

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God needs witnesses

From a meditation by Br. Alois at Taize on July 26, 2012: Christ sends us as witnesses so that we may communicate his peace by the lives we live. Each of us can do this, wherever we live, even if sometimes we feel poor and needy. Being witnesses to the peace of Christ will give …

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Your Master’s Face

The Northumbria Community included a poem from William Hurd Hillyer in Morning Prayer.  He was born in 1880 and wrote extensively in the early 20th century.  The last stanza is worth contemplating today: MY MASTER’S FACE No pictured likeness of my Lord I have; He carved no record of His ministry on wood or stone, …

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