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Biblical Foundations for Wesleyan Micro Communities

This was a lecture on Thursday morning from Elaine Heath on the Biblical Foundations for Wesleyan Micro Communities from New Wesleyan Communities: A Conversation with Elaine Heath.  The course is free, feel free to pass the link along.

The Mystical Way of Evangelism

This past week I have spent a great bit of time with clergy and laity learning about missional church, and looking at models for the 21st century church.  The video below is part of an entire series that is posted at New Wesleyan Communities: A Conversation with Elaine Heath.  Have a look and pass …

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Sermon Notes- June 3, 2012 (Trinity Sunday)

Year B- Trinity Sunday Isaiah 6:1-8 Psalm 29 (UMH 761) Romans 8:12-17 John 3:1-17 Trinity Sunday, the day for ministerial interns and associates to preach.  I don’t know know exactly why that is the case, but it happens more often than we are ready to realize.  Russell Smith, the Deacon at St. Andrew’s Episcopal, always gets …

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An update on my future

Since it is all out in the open now, I want to report a bit of what my future holds. In 2006, I returned from Japan after serving Kobe Union Church for a five year term. I did not immediately go back to a United Methodist Church for many reasons, and knew that I needed …

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Columba of Iona

Columba of Iona (521–597) An Irish prince who chose the monastic life, Columba left Ireland in 563 and settled in Iona in Scotland. He was a large man with a big, resonant singing voice. He was also an excellent scribe and illuminator of manuscripts. A much-loved abbot, he had a missionary zeal and great prophetic insight. …

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From Brother Give Us a Word and the SSJE today: Life We often forget the hard truth that resurrection is that it is necessarily preceded by death and dying. Resurrection never comes without tears and loss. And so the life that comes with resurrection in the here and now takes awhile—sometimes a very long while—to …

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