Mark 6:47-56

Lorenzo Ghiberti "Jesus Walks on Water and Saves Peter, eighth panel of the North Doors of the Baptistery of San Giova

The Gospel for the day the Book of Common Prayer is Mark 6:47-56.

It is a two-part story following Jesus feeding the multitudes earlier in the chapter.

Part 1- Jesus walks on the water/Part 2- Jesus heals the sick in Gennesaret

Jesus’ words to the disciples in the boat- “It’s me. Do not be afraid!”  They get to the other side of the lake, and folks are bringing the sick and ill wherever he went.  It is a pretty straightforward lesson.  “Gennesaret” translates better for us  into “Galilee” or a a small town on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.

A couple of questions that I think the Gospel asks me today:

  • What is it about Jesus in my life that cause me to be afraid?
  • What are the real and present dangers in my life today?
  • Who are the folks I need to bring to Jesus for healing?
  • What are the things that require healing in me?
That should keep me busy for awhile…


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