Franciscan Spirituality

My spiritual formation has been influenced heavily by the Franciscans over the years.  The first spiritual director I ever had (some 25 years ago) was a Franciscan priest serving in the mountains of North Carolina.  Over the years I have read plenty of biographies and writings about Francis and Clare.  I have followed various websites from Franciscan monasteries, and of course the Third Order Franciscan.

Where I currently worship, the Priest Associate comes from a Franciscan background and spent many years in an Anglican Franciscan monastery.  One of the Deacons is a Third Order Franciscan. I am inspired by the life of St. Francis and my life has been enriched by those who follow in his ways.

Here are a couple of websites to explore further:

Here is a piece to meditate on today:

‘The brothers who lived with him know
that daily, constantly, talk of Jesus was always on his lips, …
He was always with Jesus:
Jesus in his heart,
Jesus in his mouth,
Jesus in his ears,
Jesus in his eyes,
Jesus in his hands,
he bore Jesus always in his whole body’.
(Thomas of Celano, Life of Saint Francis, 115)

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