Advent begins

The first lesson for the season of Advent is Isaiah 64:1-9

Isaiah 64

1 t If only you would tear open
the heavens and come down!
Mountains would quake before you
or making water boil.

2 like fire igniting brushwood
t If you would make your name known
to your enemies,
the nations would tremble in your presence.
3 When you accomplished wonders
beyond all our expectations;
when you came down,
mountains quaked before you.
4 From ancient times,
no one has heard,
no ear has perceived,
no eye has seen any god but you
who acts on behalf of
those who wait for him!t
5 You look after
those who gladly do right;
they will praise you for your ways.t
But you were angry when we sinned;
you hid yourself
when we did wrong.t
6 We have all become like the unclean;
all our righteous deeds
are like a menstrual rag.
All of us wither like a leaf;
our sins, like the wind, carry us away.

7 No one calls on your name;
no one bothers to hold on to you,
for you have hidden yourself from us,
and have handed us overt to our sin.
8 But now, LORD, you are our father.
We are the clay,
and you are our potter.
All of us are the work of your hand.
9 Don’t rage so fiercely, LORD;
don’t hold our sins against us forever,
but gaze now on your people,
all of us

CEB (Common English Bible)

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