Sermon Notes- April 22, 2012

Year B- 3rd Sunday of Easter

Acts 3:12-19
Psalm 4 (UMH 741)
1 John 3:1-7
Luke 24:36b-48

We are deep into the Season of Easter and the Risen Jesus keeps showing up. of all the lessons, the Gospel is my favorite.  It is a Eucharistic reading and tells us something about the Church.  If we want to meet up with Jesus–share the bread and the cup regularly, and share meals continuously.  Jesus finds a way to be present.

  • The reading from Acts is not so much a sermon as an address to a bunch of folks who marveled at Peter and the apostles healing a crippled man.  peter tells them straight–why are you wondering?  It wasn’t by our power that the man got up and walked–it was because of Jesus.  Then Peter proclaims the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the context of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Jesus is given full credit for the healing, and the people are called to repentance.  keep reading in chapter 3 and into 4.  It is basically because of these proclamations that the number of followers of Jesus exploded.
  • The Psalm is short and sweet.  It doesn’t compliment the first reading as well as some readings, but it is good reading.  It may be better to use int he liturgy than to preach from it.
  • The Epistle Lesson is another look at a Church living in the love of God.  Being the children of God is to be responsible. How we live in the world and live with each other is being observed by all.  We need to be clear in word and deed that when we are God’s family that we live like it.  Lord have mercy on us.
  • The reading from Luke occurs after the Emmaus road story that appears in the same chapter.  They are similar in that in both stories, Jesus eats with the disciples.  In the Emmaus story, they recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  In this lesson, he eats in front of them after they are questioning and wondering if he is a ghost.  Ghosts don’t ask to be served food, and don’t really care much for broiled fish. This is our pattern for liturgy–we eat together and the scriptures are opened up to us.  The proclamation is early church to the core–the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and the forgiveness of sin.  We, too, are witnesses of these things in our world and time.
  • Starters for Sunday (from the Church of Scotland)
  • Working Preacher
  • Humor for the lessons at Rumors

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