Have mercy…

The Psalm for Passion Sunday is a portion of Psalm 31.  As I have come to the end of the week, I have begun focusing on the passion narrative for Sunday.  The Psalm sums up the mood of the later readings.  Lord, have mercy.

Psalm 31:9-16
In te, Domine, speravi

Have mercy on me, LORD,
because I’m depressed. 
My vision fails because of my grief,
as do my spirit and my body. 
10 My life is consumed with sadness;
my years are consumed with groaning. 
Strength fails me
because of my suffering;
my bones dry up. 
11 I’m a joke to all my enemies,
still worse to my neighbors. 
I scare my friends,
and whoever sees me in the street,
runs away!
12 I am forgotten, like I’m dead,
completely out of mind;
I am like a piece of pottery, destroyed. 

13 Yes, I’ve heard all the gossiping,
terror all around;
so many gang up together against me,
they plan to take my life!
14 But me? I trust you, LORD!
I affirm, “You are my God.”
15 My future is in your hands. 
Don’t hand me over to my enemies,
to all who are out to get me!
16 Shine your face on your servant;
save me by your faithful love!


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