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One of the joys of my life was spending a week with a building team on the South Carolina coast after a hurricane.  I took a group of men from the parish I was serving to live in a firehouse and work long days in the heat.  During the free evenings, I would take a group over for Evening Prayer at Mepkin Abbey which was about 5 miles away from our project.

The Episcopal priest at St. Andrew’s in Canton takes a yearly retreat to Mepkin Abbey and he comes back renewed and refreshed by living the Liturgy of the Hours and experiencing the quiet of the setting.

Not all of us get a chance to get away to a monastery, but with the Internet, there are more opportunities than ever to bring the monastery home to you.  I haven’t ben on their site ina while, and discovered some excellent resources for spiritual growth.

Go to Mepkin Abbey when you get a chance.

The links at the top will give you plenty of opportunities. Try WISDOM and click through the options.  The Liturgy of the Hours will lead you to the iBreviary (which is available as an iPhone/iPad/Android app).  There is also a great archive of Homilies.

The intercessions from Lauds this morning:

Thanks be to Christ the Lord, who brought us life by his death on the cross. With our whole heart let us ask him:
By your death raise us to life.

Teacher and Savior, you have shown us your fidelity and made us a new creation by your passion,
– keep us from falling again into sin.
By your death raise us to life.

Help us to deny ourselves today,
– and not deny those in need.
By your death raise us to life.

May we receive this day of penance as your gift,
– and give it back to you through works of mercy.
By your death raise us to life.

Master our rebellious hearts,
– and teach us generosity.
By your death raise us to life.

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