Hiroshima Remembrance

After spending five years in Japan and making the pilgrimage to Hiroshima a couple of times, August 6th stands out as a day to remember.  It was the day that U.S. aircraft dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan and it led to the end of the second World War in the Pacific.   Even nearly 70 years later, there is no agreement as to the number who died that day, or how many were affected by radiation after effects, we can say, unequivocally, that it was a horrific day in which many men, women and children were killed in the midst of war.

Every time I walked Ground Zero in Hiroshima I was moved to tears.  I remember speaking with survivors of the blast who lived to tell the story so that something this terrible may never happen again.  They were so gracious and hospitable to every guest who entered the museum and memorial site. They were a living embodiment of Jesus’ call to “Love your enemies.”

May this day give us all pause to remember, and never forget.

Hiroshima Peace Site

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