Remembering Steve Jobs

When I opened my Safari browser this morning, I was treated with a short video from Apple in remembrance of Steve Jobs.  It was a year ago that he left us.  I suspect that many of our lives would be different had it not been for him.

I remember some of my first experiences with personal computers were with the Apple II.  Primitive, compared with modern standards, but how amazing it was to be able to edit a paper without eraser and whiteout.  The first time I ever worked with a Mac was another eye opener.  To move graphics across a page with a mouse, to develop a page on the computer that printed exactly as I saw it on the screen.  That was revolutionary.

I owned a first generation iPod, that my son affectionately calls the iBrick.  It was quite a thrill to have all of my music library at my fingertips.  I go everywhere with my music, and with iCloud, I can use it in so many ways that I couldn’t before.  Thanks Steve Jobs.

I had several laptops before I ever bought my first Mac.  That was the first one that I was ever satisfied with.  That iBook was a rolling studio for music, photographs, videos, and just plain work.  I carried it all over Asia for a few years, and bought a new one.  I gave the original to my son who used it until it was unable to be upgraded any further.  The second one finally died after about 5 years of hard use.  One Friday evening, we took the guts out of the original and put them inside iBook number two.  It still works 10 years later.  Not as quick, and with some troubles since the last software update was around 2007, but I can’t say that about any of my PC laptops.

I don’t have an iPhone, but I now many who do.  What an amazing possibility to have almost everything on my laptop available in a pocket sized device.  That phone is more capable than all of the computers that were used to get a man to the moon, and better looking too.

Then there was the iPad that revolutionized the world again.  I have found all kinds of ways to use it in everyday life.  They tell me that Angry Birds is awesome on it, but I have never tried.  I am currently carrying around a library of about 20 books on it, with another 50 archived.  It used to take a few liquor store boxes to move them all around and the backseat of my car.

So, today I remember Steve Jobs and give thanks for one who did quite a bit with his 56 years on earth.  We are all just given one life, may we all do something glorious with it.

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