Paul’s Conversion

stpaul01Today is the remembrance of Paul’s Conversion.

Can you remember when your life was transformed?

Not all of us have the conversion story of Paul.  Most were not struck down blind, and most did not turn from despicable lives to the narrow way.  Many of us have white-bread stories that we are almost embarrassed about when confronted by our more evangelical neighbors.

But transformation and conversion happen…even if they don’t come in bright and sparkly packages.  I can point to the lawyer whose life turned around because of her work with orphans.  Or, the young executive who had never studied the Bible until he was nearly 40 (though he had attended church all of his life).  The secular woman who grew up in a Buddhist country that decided Jesus had something important to say to her life.

I can point to dozens of people who discovered that the poor in their community are to be loved and cherished.  I know people who have   showed up in church, taken the bread and cup fir the first time, and knew that they wanted to do this the rest of their life.

Every day, people meet Jesus on the Road to Damascus, but to them it looks more like Elm Street.

We are all blessed by their experiences.

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