Michael Rich has done a little bit of everything in his life.

He has traveled a little bit of everywhere.  He has read plenty of classic works and many more that are not. He has held a few more jobs than he is willing to recall and spent more time in school than anybody should.

He has ecclectic tastes and eccentric interests.  He was an old teenager in many ways, and is a young middle-aged guy.  He is very much at home at a computer keyboard with an iPod at hand.  Yet, he still likes the feel of a library book and the smell of newsprint.

He was a pastor for much of his career, but has also worked professionally as a photographer, television producer and writer.  He has turned his musical hobby into paying gigs on occasion and his gardening into cash.  Once upon a time he was a college instructor and later ran a pre-school. He has come to see himself as being a minister who doesn’t necessarily need a title or a uniform to prove it.

Michael lives in Waynesville, North Carolina with his wife Rose, and a couple of entertaining animals-Brownie, an ancient Shiba-Inu mix, and her sidekick, Lucy, a crooked tail cat.  He is the father of a teenager and is constantly learning what it means to be a parent. He is an ordained United Methodist clergy and has spent much of his life in the Methodist tradition. He studies from the breadth of the Christian faith and finds meaning in Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Evangelical circles.  He is currently employed by a community college and is the interim pastor of two churches in the Waynesville District starting January 2012.

He is a piece of work, and a work in progress.

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