I started this section in July 2011.  Things have been moving along rapidly since then.

The first month when they were introduced, my Sermon Notes had about 300 visits per week, and then dropped to about 250 for much of the summer.  Then things picked up in October and we saw growth to about 400 visits per week.  It grew more in November to over 500 visits, and so far during Advent, I have counted about 800 visits to each of the Advent notes.

My site as a whole has had over 30,000 unique visitors since July, making roughly 60,000 visits and there have been almost 120,000 page views.  The Proclamatio pages show up near the top of the list each week on a Google search for sermon or homily material, and I have spent zero time and effort worrying about SEO.  I am interested in sharing my thoughts on lectionary texts, and I am happy if someone reads them.  From the notes I have received, some people find them helpful and take a look nearly every week.  I am happy to continue this effort.

When I started writing these notes, I did not have a regular pulpit, and it didn’t bother me.  I was happy to study the scriptures with my pastor friends, and I was always prepared when I was asked to preach.  Beginning in 2012, I will be doing some interim work for a United Methodist Charge near my home.  Now my notes will have a reason to deliver each week, and I will get constant feedback.  That could only help me to improve what I am doing here.

As I have said before the purpose of this section of the website is to- ‘collect thoughts, notes, and resources for preaching the Revised Common Lectionary.  I will try to stay at least a week ahead and the notes will show up on Facebook, Twitter and the regular RSS Feed of this website.’

Many thanks to Jenee Woodard at who continues to link to my posts and has made it possible to grow a a regular group of readers.

May these notes continue to be useful to all who stop by…

Michael Rich
Advent 2011

Current Notes Available:

YEAR B- starting November 27, 2011


The Season after the Epiphany


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