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What is it?

The Enneagram measures human personality by 9 basic types. However, instead of measuring surface traits, it gets below that and into motivations. Motivations can often give off the same behaviors, so that is why people of the same motivation may appear just like each other on the outside — or not.

The Nine Basic Types

Type One – Perfectionistic, orderly, hard-working, ethical, conscientious. They can be very rational and idealistic, but can also be judgemental and convinced they are always right.
Motivation: To be right, ethical, perfect.

Type Two – Generous, friendly, prideful, seductive, reassuring. They can be very loving and dedicated, but also possessive and manipulative.
Motivation: To be loved, thanked, important in others’ lives.

Type Three – Ambitious, goal-oriented, adaptable, deceiving, presentable. They can be exemplars of “all you can be”, but also shallow and arrogant.
Motivation: To be admired by others, successful, a winner.

Type Four – Creative, depressive, romantic, shy, unique. They can be profound artists who express the inexpressable, but also self-hating and clinging.
Motivation: To understand the self, be unique, express themselves.

Type Five – Insightful, theoretical, detached, eccentric, intense. They can be extremely brilliant and inventive, but also nihilistic and alienated.
Motivation: To understand the world, find safety from it, become skilled.

Type Six – Loyal, skeptical, complex, paranoid, dependable. They can be excellent team players but get lost in scapegoating and fear.
Motivation: To find security, resolve their paranoia.

Type Seven – Enthusiastic, worldy, optimistic, scattered, accomplished. They can truly love life like no one else, but can fall victim to hedonism and excess.
Motivation: To experience life, be happy, not miss out.

Type Eight – Powerful, leading, aggressive, cruel, protective. They can be magnamious leaders who get the job done, but can become violent and terrorizing.
Motivation: To be in control, strong, independent.

Type Nine – Peaceful, receptive, complacent, forgetting, gentle. They can be relaxed and terrific friends, but can become unaware of reality and problems.
Motivation: To be at peace, be in harmony with the universe.


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