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Vacation Planning

Have you got your vacation planned?  Maybe the dates are already on the calendar, your destination decided, the details worked out.   Maybe you don’t.  Nevertheless, here are some helpful hints for making it a pleasurable time for you and your family:

  • Plan for relaxation. One of the most important things about getting away for a week or more from work is to rest and be rejuvenated.  Vacation can be just as stressful as work if down-time is not built into the schedule.
  • Make sure planning has taken all members of the party into account.  I believe there is nothing worse than traveling with disenchanted family members.  Prevent this kind of stress by getting their input from the start.
  • Consider the financial stress involved with the vacation.  Have you saved adequately for your trip?  If not, you might find that paying off credit cards and juggling checking accounts in October is not worth what that vacation provided you in July.
  • Do not over-schedule.  Sometimes the most interesting things happen off the itinerary.  It’s possible that some of the best things happening at a location are not publicized.
  • Eat well.  I am not saying eat more than usual.  I am saying that it is vacation and you should make great dining a part of the experience.  You can get fast food at home, but you don’t always have time for an unhurried meal.  Take advantage of the situation.
  • Get some exercise and some fresh air.  If you have been complaining all year about not having time to exercise, build it into the vacation.  Even better, spend that time outdoors. So much of our lives are spent inside and sitting down that our vacation should give us a change of pace.
  • Do you really want to drive that much? I was raised on the cross-country vacation. Believe me, I have put some miles in a car with family.  Sometimes you cannot avoid long distance driving, but if you can, think how much more pleasant it is to be relaxing in a lounge chair than chasing interstate traffic for an hour. 

Have a great time…there will be plenty of work left when you return.


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